"West Side of the Pavillion"

SOCALPAPA (Southern Calif. Plein Air Painters) Paints the Balboa Penninsula in Newport Beach.
This is my entry for the show. It's been a fun and challenging week. Painting the urban landscape has it's range of distractions. Such as, a fire truck and ambulence pulling up infront of what you are painting, a boat that pulls out that happens to be the focal point of your piece and you've only put in the backsground, and last but not least, construction that sets up ten feet behind you, grinding and jackhammering after you've embarked into the painting, a bit frazzling on the nerves. But at the end of the week you end up with two pieces to enter.
Turns out my painting made it in the top 4o, and is currently showing at the Rainey gallery on the Balboa Pennisula.

sharon hutchisonoil on canvas