Paint San Clemente 2016

Plein Air Painting Contest and Show
July 18th through the 24th, 2016

Even though you could paint all week, I only painted a few late afternoons.
It was invigorating, and I got some plein air mojo back!

"Salvador's View"
20" x 20" oil on canvas
plein air painting

It was an afternoon in June when the haze creeps in along the coast with a lot of glare bouncing off the ocean.
This is one of the highest viewpoints in San Clemente.
I had to work fast as the light and shadows change rapidly this time of day.  Because of the time constraints and the size, I chose to work with a limited palette, using only four colors and a palette knife for rapid coverage.

This is a photo reference of the view.

12" x 12" oil on canvas
Plein air painting

This was the first one I painted.  The fog was rolling in up to the top of the ridge,  had to paint fast.

Oooppps, photographed my foot, brushes and bag.